Here’s how the contest works, in a nutshell:

Every Friday from June 12 through Aug. 14 we’ll pose the same question: What interested you most in The Times this week? Anyone 13 to 19 years old from anywhere in the world can post an answer, and contestants can choose from any Times article, essay, video, interactive or photograph published in 2015, on any topic they like.

Every Tuesday starting June 30 we will announce winners from a previous week and publish them on the blog.

What kinds of responses are you looking for?

We don’t care what you choose or whether you loved or hated it; what we care about is what you have to say about why you picked it. If you don’t believe us, scroll through five years’ worth of winners. They have written on serious topics like patriotism, Internet surveillance and 21st century concentration camps, but they have also written on Disney shows, subway acrobats and a video about “the art of cabbage walking.” Whatever the topic, you’ll see that the best pieces year after year make both personal connections to the news and go beyond the personal to discuss broader questions and ideas that a piece raises. So whether you were moved by an article, enlightened by an essay, bowled over by a photo, irked by an editorial or inspired by a feature, find something in The Times that genuinely interests you and tell us why, as honestly and originally as you can.


Student Blogs

Welcome to our FHHS English I classes, who are thinking and writing through blogging.  Please visit our blogs to see what’s on our minds!

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